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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miswak is very important

Miswak is a root of tree known in Arabic as "Arak"(saivador Perisca),& in Urdu as "Peelu".This multipurpose stick cleans the mouth,whitens the teeth.Miswak can be used any time,anywhere.it completely dispenses with the need for toothpaste squeezing,vigorous brushing,foaming at the mouth.There are nuerous benefits and advantages of using MISWAK,and also several prophetics Traditions(sunnah) regarding it,s use.

"Were it not that i might over-burden the believers,i would have ordered them to use siwak(MISWAK) at the time of every prayer" (Abu Dawud)

"Make a regular practise f miswak for verily it is the purification for th mouth and a means of the pleasure of the Lord. (Bukhari)

*Strengthens gums
*Effectivily removes plaque and yellownss of teeth.
*Fights tooth decay.
*Cleans and brightens teeth.
*Removes had odor.

*Improves the sense of taste.
*Sharpens memory and intelligence.
*Assists in digestions.
*Improves the eyesight
*Improves the health and luster of the face the continual user.

Simply scrape off bark frm the tip
(1/2") then chew the tip gently until brush-like.Start brushing horizontalally.Store vertically upside-down.
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